All provinces have an EngineerInTraining (EIT) program (sometime referred to as Member-in-Training (MIT), whereby a graduate works under the supervision of a ProfessionalEngineer, usually for four years. During this time, the supervisor is responsible for all the EIT’s work.

The specifics of this program vary by province. In some, you may be required to submit periodic reports about your work, in others, you only submit at the end of your four years. Your experience is reviewed, and if deemed adequate by the ProfessionalAssociation, your four years is up.

In addition to the work, you may be required to demonstrate that you are keeping up with ProfessionalDevelopment (PD), and ProfessionalService (PS). PD covers things like taking courses or seminars, while PS is obtained by promoting Engineering through judging science fairs, giving talks, or others.

During the EngineerInTraining program, you will also be required to take the ProfessionalPracticeExam, which covers your knowledge of ethics and law.

At the end of the EIT program, your WorkExperienceRecord is reviewed, references are called, and you are eventually welcomed as a ProfessionalEngineer.