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In Canada, a Professional Practice Exam (PPE) for Engineering licensing is administered by PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario) and other provincial Engineering Associations including APEGA (Alberta), APEGS (Saskatchewan), APEGBC (British Columbia), for example. The National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) is administered by Alberta and used everywhere except Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan, either in its original form or with some additional questions. The exam formats vary across Canada including essay and short answer questions, definitions; multiple choice and combinations of these formats. The NPPE itself consists of 110 multiple choice questions; in BC there is 110 multiple choice questions plus an essay question; in Ontario there is 4 law questions and 4 ethics questions with a mix of short and long answer questions. The exams are closed book and evaluate comprehension of Canadian law and ethics related to the profession of engineering. Additionally, an understanding of acts and regulations is expected. Exams vary in length, scheduling and transparent marking practices.

As well as engineering, related fields also use Professional Practice Exams. Technicians, Technologists, Geoscientists and Architects write similar exams pertaining to law and ethics.

Three textbooks are in general use and the exams are generally based on two of these. Candidates will use:

- Canadian Professional Engineering and Geoscience: Practice; AND

- Ethics Law for Architecture, Engineers, and Geoscience (NPPE) OR Law for Professional Engineers, Canadian and Global Insights (PPE Ontario).

Although the professional organizations offer the exams regularly, they limit their preparation assistance. Old exams are not freely available and results are generally only shared on a pass/fail basis. Candidates have a couple of study methods available to them: 1. Self study 2. In person session 3. Online course.

Most associations have some information on their web sites, however most candidates rely on independent Preparation Services providers. Here are three providers of exam help. Prices vary using the following notation ($ = under $200; $$ = $225 to $280; $$$ = $300-$600;

1. ($) [Practice PPE Exams] has created engaging online courses that allow aspiring engineers to practice mock exams and develop confidence before writing the real thing. Learn the key law, ethics and professional practice concepts through embedded flash cards, step-by-step checklists, exam simulation and much more. On-demand courses offered by this company include: [NPPE Total Prep Online Course], [ONT PPE Total Prep Online Course for PEO writers], [BC PPE Total Prep Online Course for APEGBC writers], [SK PPE Total Prep Online Course for APEGS writers] and [PPE Total Prep Online Course for OACETT writers]. On its homepage, there is a link to the company's Google Local page with dozens of positive reviews from past exam writers that have taken its courses.

2. ($) [PPE Headquarters] out of Calgary, provides reasonably priced study guides and exam questions for the [NPPE Exam] and the [PEO Exam]. They also offer ten free questions on the homepage.

3. ($$) Focussedconsulting (http://www.focussedconsulting.com) provides two-day seminar for those planning write PEO PPE exam. Focussed consulting seminar is offered in Toronto, Ottawa and London Ontario. For NPPE -APEGM two day seminar offered in Winnipeg. It is highly interactive, well received (see feedback from participants in the website) preparatory course. On-line video option is available for PEO PPE Prep course for overseas candidates and others who are not able to attend live scheduled seminars in various locations

4. ($$$) Extensive ON-LINE services and resources (for most Canadian exams, except French), as well as 1-Day Seminars and 3-hour personal Tutorials (throughout Ontario) are offered to accommodate different learning styles and needs. PEO PPE exam questions and answers since 1981 are included. Many other useful learning materials such as teaching notes for all three textbooks, and interactive multiple choice questions for most provinces, are part of the ON-LINE resources. Visit ExPS? at: http://www.exampreparationservices.com/

This fairly lengthy exam (multiple choice) covering ethics, contract & labour law, and other goodies.

All I can suggest is read the two books and the four pamphlets thoroughly. Most of the exam is common sense stuff, but there are some tough questions in there.