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Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You

Well, I probably didn’t put it in writing, but I’ve never trusted SCO/Caldera. Turns out they are suing IBM (/. article) over Unix IP.

The UNIX IP and Trademarks have been passed around like a biker’s girlfriend, the latest holders being our friends at SCO. Seeing as they don’t have anything to offer themselves, they may as well try and make a buck (or a Billion) off the patent to some 30 year old technology. Bruce Perens made a comment on slashdot that this could be a ploy to get them bought – after all, IBM has the cash, SCO has nothing of value except for this lawsuit.

Here’s the deal. IBM licenced technology from the AT&T patents to make AIX. Much after that (10 years) SCO bought the patents. SCO now says that IBM is misusing them in order to promote their Linux interests. is another good article on the situation. SCO has a page about it too. Conspiracy theorists will note that SCO uses Schwartz as their PR agency, who Red Hat used to use.


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