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I Don’t Like Travelling

Spent the past week in Indianapolis and Atlanta meeting with a vendor and our parent organization. It took over 8 hours to get between the two sites because of delays and transfers. Simply absurd. I was gone almost 5 whole days, and only two were productive, the rest were wasted with travel.

Airport security is likewise silly. While the searches are thorough, there was a huge inconsistency in the way everything was handled. In the Atlanta airport, baggage was x-rayed. Chicago required people to take off their shoes, where Atlanta had little devices you could step on that would test your shoes to see if you needed to take them off. Toronto was sniffing laptops with an “electronic nose” to check for chemicals, and Winnipeg customs were performing baggage checks.

His greatness, Bruce Schneier, made some comments about his initial reactions. Cryptogram is a hell of a newsletter, btw, I recommend signing up.


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