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Comment Spammers Getting Smarter?

I just got a comment spam on my Random thoughts on GPL and BSD post. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that as I read the comment, it’s close to the topic:

On Wed, 2003-08-20 at 16:58, Matthew Easton wrote:
> Beg to differ. SCO has claimed that the GPL itself is illegal. If the GPL is
> not legally valid, that affects all who distribute under the GPL.

Well, the GPL argument is just one of their arguments, and it’s likely
the weakest of the bunch. Even if they did win that argument, it’d
likely only make the GPL more like the BSD license (essentially killing
the restrictions on distribution of GPL’d code). That may be problematic
for the future of open source (the GPL has some nice properties that
really help out with open source projects), but the present code base
should be just fine.

Googling, I find it online.

Ah ha! If I google for the title, the post in question is the first entry that’s not mine.

However, since the search engines seem to be moving toward using the link text itself rather than the raw number of links, I can’t see how this is effective. The only link in the post was in the user supplied URL.


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