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IOS 12.3(1) Has a Cron Feature

IOS Command Scheduler


The Command Scheduler feature provides the ability to schedule some EXEC command-line interface (CLI) commands to run at specific times or at specified intervals.

Restrictions for Command Scheduler
The EXEC CLI specified in a Command Scheduler policy list must not generate a prompt or have the ability to be terminated using keystrokes. Command Scheduler is designed as a fully automated facility and no manual intervention is permitted.

Information About Command Scheduler
To configure Command Scheduler, you need to understand the following concept:

Command Scheduler Overview
Command Scheduler Overview
Command Scheduler allows customers to schedule fully-qualified EXEC mode CLI commands to run once, at specified intervals, or at specified calendar dates and times. Originally designed to work with CNS commands, Command Scheduler has a broader application. Using the CNS image agent feature, remote routers residing outside a firewall or using Network Address Translation (NAT) addresses can use Command Scheduler to launch CLI at intervals to update the image running in the router.

Command Scheduler has two basic processes. A policy list is configured containing lines of fully-qualified EXEC CLI to be run at the same time or interval. One or more policy lists are then scheduled to run after a specified interval of time or at a specified calendar date and time. Each scheduled occurrence can be set to run once only or on a recurring basis.


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