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Flow-tools, Flowscan and Fedora

I’m doing some work with NetFlow accounting. FlowScan parses the data captured by flow-tools. However, FlowScan needs which has to be specially compiled to work with flow-tools, because it’s made for Caida’s now defunct cflowd.

If you don’t compile using the flow-tools library, you get something like “Invalid index in cflowd flow file: 0xCF100103! Version 5 flow-export is required with *all* fields being saved.”

All the instructions on the Internet that I found tell you to compile out of the contrib dir for flow-tools. However, flow-tools and flow-tools-devel are packages with Fedora, so that’s not an option.

Easy instructions to fix this.

  1. Download (link goes to index page)
  2. Untar wherever you feel like
  3. Edit Makefile.PL, look for the find_flow_tools subroutine
  4. Just before the if (“$libdir”) { line, add $libdir=”-L/usr/lib”;
  5. perl Makefile.PL, you’ll see Found flow-tools…
  6. make; make install


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