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Load Testing a Rails App With JMeter and the Authenticity_token

I have been slowly learning how to use JMeter to load test the Small Payroll application. One of the problems has been getting around the CSRF protection that Rails puts in with the authenticity_token parameter.

Each form has a hidden form element:

<div style="margin:0;padding:0;display:inline">
<input name="authenticity_token" type="hidden"
value="16iUP1J2tdSKyvHKgYR/I/og6K7NgPPmTHCZ+idQP4k=" />

The token is also encrypted in the session so that the response to the form has to match. This value changes every time the form is loaded and can’t be set to a known value, otherwise it would be easy to defeat the CSRF protection. This means that JMeter has to figure out the token and put it into the POST.

Googling around, I found some people that said they did it, and a lot of people who couldn’t get it to work, but no solid walkthroughs.

Here’s my solution:

There are three elements. The first is the HTTP request sampler that gets the login page. Under that is a regular expression extractor post processor that gets the authenticity token. The extractor uses a simple regexp to pull out the value parameter and saves it to the LOGIN_AUTH_TOKEN variable. The login is then done by making reference to the variable - ${LOGIN_AUTH_TOKEN}. Make sure you have the Encode? button checked, as the authenticity_token is not always base-64 friendly!

The final step, not pictured, is that you have an HTTP Cookie Manager in your thread group to take care of cookies. You probably already have one, though.



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