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JIRA Shortcuts With Quicksilver

One of my favourite applications on my Mac is Quicksilver. It’s an application launcher that can be extended to do almost anything. I’ve been able to set up hot keys to rate songs in iTunes, and also set shortcuts to URLs.

These screenshots explain how to make a “jira” shortcut that will take you to a particular issue in JIRA. The instructions will work equally well for anything where the URL is well known. For example, ticket PR-139 is at To go there, you’ll hit your Quicksilver hot key (e.g. Control-space), then type “jira”, enter, then the ticket number, and enter.

First, make sure the Web Search Module plugin is loaded by checking the box in the plugins menu.

Then, add the shortcut to your catalog by adding it as a custom source under Web Search List.

Looking more closely at what you add:

The name is whatever you want to type when first opening Quicksilver. The url is the URL you want to go to, with the dynamic part replaced by ***.

You may have to rescan the catalog from the main Quicksilver menu.


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