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Could I Have Been More Wrong?

In December 2002 I wrote some 2003 predictions, and boy was I off (comically, in some instances)

First, a major distribution will drop out of the market. Red
Hat? Nah. Debian? Doubt it. Caldera/SCO/whatever they’re called
today don’t count.

Well, Red Hat dropped out, SCO did their thing.

Second prediction is an easier one. The BSDs (FreeBSD, OpenBSD,
and NetBSD) will get a lot more attention this year.

While I won’t say I’m completely right here, the *BSDs made some major releases, and certainly weren’t worse off.

Third prediction – Sun Microsystems. Are they going down the
hole? No. But, out of all the proprietary UNIXes out there, I
think Solaris has the most likelihood of losing market share to

I think I have to take some points here, even though this one was fairly obvious.

I also didn’t forsee that the newsletter this was written in would be abruptly stopped a month later.

No more predictions this year. Do your start of year maintenance instead.

Best wishes in the new year.



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