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I originally registered ERTW.COM with the idea of turning it into a resource for engineers and engineers-to-be. In the past, I ran the front page as a news site and ran some forums. I was also talking to various student councils across the country about sharing announcements and stuff. Somehow, it never took off. This went through two iterations before I gave up.

Hopefully, the third time is the charm. I’ve put up the EngineeringWiki, built on WikiTikiTavi.

If you’re not familiar with a Wiki, it is a web site that can be updated by anyone. Each time you type a term with WordsSmashedTogether (like that), it makes a link to that page/node. The first time you type in that term, it creates the page. It also has its own markup syntax, which is designed to make it easier for people to add content.

I’ve gone through and added a bit, with the intention of adding more. If you’re an Engineer, are thinking of becoming one, or are in the midst of your studies, go ahead and add stuff. The emphasis is on content, not looking good (which is par for the course in Engineering).


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