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Looking Back 5 Years

On my way to work this morning it dawned upon me that 5 years ago today we were in an IT boom, and the Y2K bug was about to destroy the world. I was fairly new at my job, and had a pager strapped just in case the whole IT staff had to be called in. The more senior people in my team were already in a war room with radios, telephones, and a crate of flashlights, waiting for the moment that never arrived. And due to some strange accounting problem, we ended up getting paid around the same, so I think I came out the winner there.

That New Year’s eve my wife (we’d been married almost a year at that point), and two other couples had a nice fondue dinner. We staid up until after midnight, laughed that nothing was happening over Y2K, and finally went home.

This year, we’re having a nice (albeit scaled back) fodue dinner with our two kids, putting them to bed around 8, and then we’ll do our best to make it until midnight. Chances are we’ll be ready for bed before the clock hits 12, and will fall asleep a few minutes after. You know what? I like it this way better.

Tomorrow will be just another day.


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