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Recently Added to My List of Feeds

I’ve recently added a bunch of new sites to my RSS reader, some of which I think are worth sharing.

SANS Internet Storm Center - Every day there is a diary entry about the analysis going on, ie what trends in attacks are being seen.

Ask Dave Taylor - Well known author answers a question or two every day. Topics range from shell scripting to desktop issues. RSS makes this site great, the feed contains the question summary and a more detailed version. If I’m interested in the answer, I click. If not, I move on.

Lost Below the 49th - a transplanted Canadian who’s interested in web performance. Interesting statistical stuff. And he’s got a master’s degree in history.

ProBlogger - An Aussie who blogs for a living. Lots of fascinating stuff on the site, and he’s an interesting guy to talk to.

Lycos top 50 blog - commentary on the state of search, from the Lycos perspective.


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