2001 03 01

                    LINUX NEWS
              Thursday, March 1, 2001


1) Sean’s Notes

2) Linux News

Ximian Red Carpet
Microsoft Hates GPL
VA Linux to Cut 25 Percent of Staff
Certification Boot Camp

3) Linux Resources

Red Hat 7 Unleashed
Mmmm... Cola
VIM and mouse wheels
ACLs for ext2
Integrating Unix DNS with Win 2K

4) App o’ the week

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1) Sean's Notes
Last week I mentioned that KDE 2.1 was due to be released
RSN. Here you go:


I also mentioned that I'd get around to explaining Red Hat's
chkconfig to you.  Before I get there, I'll save you a few
keystrokes when you're playing with your daemons.

To start, say, the httpd service, you can run:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start

Or, save yourself a few keystrokes:

service httpd start

Cool, eh?  (If you're running Red Hat 6.0, grab the
initscripts update because this seemingly simple script was
shipped broken.)

On to chkconfig.  An init script can be managed by chkconfig
if it has the following comments near the top:

# chkconfig: 2345 51 49
# description: start the foo daemon

The 2345 means that by default, if this daemon is on, it will
be started in run levels 2, 3, 4, and 5.  It will have a
start priority of 51, and a kill priority of 49.  This would
correspond to a symlink called S51foo created in the rc2.d,
rc3.d, rc4.d, and rc5.d directories, and K49foo in the others.

To set up the initial links, tell chkconfig to add the script:

chkconfig --add foo

To delete it from management:

chkconfig --del foo

To ensure that it gets started on boot (in the runlevels you

chkconfig foo on

And, to turn off:

chkconfig foo off

If you wanted to override the 2345, and only start it up in
run level 3 and 5:

chkconfig --level 35 foo on

Be careful with this, as if you later turn the service off,
you may have to specify --level again, because chkconfig only
turns it off in runlevels that are defaulted to on.  So, if
the daemon normally comes up in level 3, but you turn it on
for 3 and 5, it will be on in 5 if you turn it off without

To see the whole list:

chkconfig --list

Or, what I like to do:

chkconfig --list | grep 3:on

...to see what's coming up in run level 3.

It's a heck of a lot easier than managing all the symbolic

Red Hat also includes GUI tools like ntsysv, tksysv, and
linuxconf to manage these, but after a bit of practice
you'll find that the command line is much quicker!

Long live the Penguin,


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2) Linux News

Ximian Red Carpet
Red Carpet is a revolutionary concept for Linux. Subscribe
to software channels, and let Red Carpet keep your system up
to date. For example, you could subscribe to the Ximian
Desktop and Red Hat 7 channels. When packages are released
by either party, you're informed and have the option to
update your system. Sweet!


Microsoft Hates GPL
It's no secret that Microsoft doesn't care for Linux, but
their latest round of attacks have focused on the GPL
license, saying that it's "too restrictive" and


VA Linux to Cut 25 Percent of Staff
Linux Box maker VA Linux is to cut a quarter of its staff
in order to try to make a profit. I really hate to see stuff
like this happen to such a company, as they've pumped a lot
of money into hiring developers to put work into the kernel,
especially the storage area.


Certification Boot Camp
Boot Camps are nothing new in the Windows world, but here
is the first one I've seen for Linux. This one is a bit
different than others though; you work on a laptop the whole
time, and then get to take it home with you!


3) Linux Resources

Red Hat 7 Unleashed
Looking for a book to walk you through Red Hat 7, from
installation to setting up services? Look no further than
Red Hat 7 Unleashed. This link points to my review of the book.


Mmmm... Cola
What if programming languages were colas?  What kind would
Perl be? How about C or C++? Read on to find out.


VIM and Mice Wheels
It seems everyone has those wheel mice but me... Not sure
what the attraction is, but to each his own. Linux.com has a
write up on how to get VIM (VI Improved) to recognize when
you're rolling that thing around, and respond accordingly.


ACLs for ext2
One thing that Linux can't do yet is fine grained ACLs on
files. Most commercial Unixes have it, and it's a
requirement for some security certifications like C2. Enter
this project, which adds POSIX style ACLs to the ext2 file


Integrating Unix DNS with Win2K
DNS is essential to Win2K's operation, that's well known.
Many people will already have a DNS server set up, and
there is no reason they should ditch it so that 2K can run.
This article explains how Unix and NT can play nicely in
the same DNS infrastructure.


4) App o' the week
If you're like me, you've got lots of little Post-It (or
generic replacement) notes all over your desk, monitor, chair,
and wall. Enter "Goats", a GNOME version of the KDE KNotes,
which lets you post notes in a variety of colours to your
desktop. This will save me a fortune in those little things!


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